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Our HOLIDAY – READY events

We believe holidays should be special for all

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Premium materials, Expert craftsmanship, Imaged- by you.


Turning Ideas into Reality Since 1996

About Vinh Sang Jewelry: With over 22 years of expertise in the industry, our company has crafted many unique quality pieces of fine jewelry for our clients. At Vinh Sang Jewelry, we take pride in our designs and believe that the path taken to finish each piece is equally important as the jewelry itself. From the moment we cast the molten metal, to moment we apply the polished finish on the piece— not a second of artistic fervor is lost. Our team of specialists will work with you meticulously to design the jewelry you’ve been dreaming of.

— we will transmute your ideas into precious metals—

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Vinh Sang Jewelry started in South Philadelphia in the year 1996 around a small Asian based community. Though our business has always satisfied the Asian market, we strive to expand our presence and excellence to more diverse demographic markets. Our passion is fine jewelry, and that will never change. We want to see our customers shine on the inside and outside. Look good, feel better and live the best life you can with Vinh Sang Jewelry.


Our company provides the best quality of service and product when it comes to jewelry. It is our passion to keep people educated as to what top quality jewelry really means. Not many people understand that just because you paid top dollar, it does not mean that the product you got was worth the price you paid. This is where we come in. We want people to understand what they are buying and what is the best price to pay for it.

Cleaning & Repair

We can repair, resize, and restore your jewelry to its original condition. We can also enhance and tailor the look of your jewelry to your liking.


Custom Designs

Design your own custom jewelry pieces. Select from metals, colors, textures, dimensions, stones, engraving and more.